“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

Edward de Bono

Inventive solutions

If the mind-set is right, anything is possible.

Many assume flooring to be a simple task. It’s often an afterthought in the building and design process. It’s one of those things which, when installed correctly, some will appreciate and others will be amazed by, but if installed incorrectly, everyone will notice.

The complexities associated with flooring installation requires an inventive mind. A company that has seen it all before and has the level of experience and attention to detail to get it right. Like Leonardo, we feel all our floors are masterpieces. When it comes to creating bespoke looks, unusual colours or pushing the boundaries of what is unique, well, you have come to the right people. Whether it’s for a posh hotel in Mayfair or a 1940’s semi in Kenton, we can create something really special for you.

We do that in the best way possible, implementing cutting edge techniques. We don’t just stain the top layer of a piece of wood, losing colour if scratched. No, we use an innovative technique whereby a clear substance is applied to the timber which will respond with the tannins in the fibre to create your desired colour. Great looks and no corners cut.